Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (2023)

There is no worse feeling than leaving your dog at home. You have to leave them to go to work. You have to leave them to go eat.

Why would you let them shop too? Thankfully, society is becoming more and more dog-friendly. Taking your dog to the store can have manyAdvantagesfor you and your pet.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (1)

Socialize your dog by taking him on a shopping spreeimproveYour and your quality of life. Dogs need to know howfunctionaround people If you plan to take them to potentially crowded places, trips to the store are a great way to prepare them.

spentextraSpending time with your dog is another great benefit of taking them to the grocery store. Having a dog often feels overwhelming when you can't spend enough time together. A trip to the store can buy you two some much-needed time together.

We've put together this guide to help you find out which stores allow dogs. Follow these tips to ensure a smooth ride for you and your pet.

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Choose the right time and place for your dog

If this is your first time taking your pup to a store, you might want to start small. Tight spaces and loud noises can bother your doghigh tense.

Consider a business that haswide islands. maintainnoise levels and crowdsconsider when deciding to take your first trip with your dog. This will help them get used to being in public.

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Choose a time and place that will not existstuffed or overwhelmedfor your dog. A big shop in the early morning must becalm and quiet. As they become more comfortable in public, you can expand into new businesses.

think of your dogpersonalitywhen you decide which stores to take them to. If you have a rowdy pup, a bookstore may not be a good choice. If your dog is very shy, a busy mall will likely make him uncomfortable.

If you decide to take your dog to a store, make itthey areMascot for success. Check your collar or harness to be surefits right. Use a collar that will keep them close to you.

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Check the pet policy before you go

It should come as no surprise that different stores have themandersPet Policy. Most stores have their pet policy posted on their website. If you're checking pet policies online, be sure to checkSpecificPlaces to find out which stores allow dogs.

Sometimes information like pet policies can be hard to find. If you've been looking for information but haven't found it, don't be afraid to look around the store.call up. Most stores have a customer service line that can give you all the information you need.

If you find yourself on an impromptu road trip with your pup, look forsignallingoutside before bringing your dog. If there is no signal, enter with your pet. Find an employee and ask for thempet policybefore you start shopping.

If you walk your dog into a store and are asked to leave the store, don't argue with the manager. Unless your dog is acertified service dog, all companies have thoseparts listdisown your animal. Emotional support animals are not protected by the ADA, nor are service animals.

List of pet friendly retail stores 2022

Shop policies are constantly changing. If the store you are visiting is a chain, pet policies may apply.varyfrom shop to shop. We've compiled this list of some of the most popular pet-friendly places to shop with your pet.

tractor supply

Tractor Supply has historically been agood choicego shopping with your dog this shopto refuelIt is home to animals of all kinds, so don't be surprised if you find poultry inside or livestock outside. tractor supplyallows all breeds and sizes of dogs in its stores.

your dog is walkingneedbe tied up and be good.

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Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (3)

house deposit

If you've ever shopped at a Home Depot, chances are you've seen customers walking their pets. Home Depot has onePets welcomeProvided your pet is on a leash and friendly. Keep in mind that you may encounter heavy equipment that could intimidate a dog unfamiliar with trips to the shops.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (4)


You will be surprised to see this luxury retailer on our list. Nordstrom has one of the mostfriendly dogPolicies of one of the stores we examined. Your social networks even have a specific hashtag that you can show your four-legged friends while shopping.

all norstromrequiresis that your dog is on a leash and does not disturb other customers.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (5)

Cabelas / BassPro Stores

This shop for everything to do with the outdoors.Welcomedogs of all sizes. Cabela's knows that your pets are likely to accompany you on your outdoor walks. therefore heryou have no problemwith your pets accompanying you into the store.

All they ask is that your dog stay on the leash and don't break. SheOrganize special days when your dogYou can enter and get a VIP shopping experience. See their websites for details.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (6)


Much like Home Depot, Lowes has a liberal pet policy. This is not explicitly stated on their websitePets Allowed, so you might wantcall upat your local store before heading out with your pup. Hardware stores often harbor loud noises.

Keep this in mind when deciding if Lowes is the right place to take your pet.

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Target is another business, thatLackclear information about yourpet policywhen you go to their website. But it's not uncommon to shop at Target and see pets running with their owners or in cars. Try to contact your store before you show up or ask a manager for clarification when you arrive.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (8)

bed bath and beyond

What could be more fun than touring islands full of fluffy towels with your trusty pooch? Luckily, Bed Bath and Beyond makes it possible. Your pet policy only requires that you keep your petsconnectedon a leash and do not allow them to interact with products.

Now your dog can help you pick out scented sheets and candles!

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (9)

Barnes e Noble

There is something particularly relaxing about the idea of ​​leafing through books with your four-legged friend. Barnes and Noble has a lax pet policy that allows your dogbring togetheryou when choosing a new book. The pet policy does not extend to cafes, which may be located within the store.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (10)


Another luxury outfit that welcomes furry friends is Bloomingdales. Like most of the other stores on our list, they only ask you tomaintainYour Pet with a Bloomingdales collar has a large open layout and is generally very calm inside.

This can be a great place to introduce your dog to shops.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (11)
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the cavity

The gap has apet policy, as well as some of its sister stores like Old Navy and Madewell. When shopping for your new pair of jeans, your dog needs to be on a leash and stay by your side. Gap shops can have a crowded layout and often play loud music, so make sure your dog is comfortable in such an environment before bringing him inside.

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (12)

Ceramic barn

Pottery Barn is proud to welcome dogs outall sizesaccording to their website. They require your pet to be on a leash and stay close to you while you shop. This could be the perfect opportunity to shop for new patio furniture with Fido.

After all, he'll probably use it more often than you!

Which stores allow dogs? Pet Friendly Retail Guide (2023) - Ooodle Life (13)

Go shopping with your dog

Now that you know which stores allow dogs, it's time to go shopping with your furry friend! Try to stay in stores that you know your dog will be in.more comfortable.

Once your dog has mastered the art of shopping in quieter stores, you can venture into crowded spaces together. Beginslowand go your way A good place to start is at pet stores.

It's always a good rule of thumb to make sure yourThe dog used the toiletbefore entering any shop with them. You don't want to end up with an uncomfortable puppy or a mess. do not forgetbringBags for collecting accidents that your dog can leave in the store.

If your dog makes a mistake while shopping, don't do itreactnegative. A negative reaction can create a bad association with public spaces for your dog. Deal calmly with setbacks and consistently reward your dog for themparts listBehave.

Remember, if you have questions about a store's pet policy,search online or callAsk the store for clarity before bringing your dog.


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