Perceive Meaning In Tamil (2023)

1. perceive meaning in Tamil -

  • perceive verb · become conscious of. Example. "She finally perceived the futility of her protest" · to become aware of through the senses. Synonyms. comprehend.

  • perceive meaning in Tamil. What is perceive in Tamil? Pronunciation, translation, synonyms, examples, rhymes, definitions of perceive பர்ஸீவ in Tamil

2. perceive in tamil | HelloEnglish: India's no. 1 English Learning App | உணர

  • interpret or look on (someone or something) in a particular way; regard as. translation of 'perceive '. காண்,. தெரிந்துகொள். verb. மனத்தால் உணர். example.

  • உணர: perceive meaning in tamil

3. perceived meaning in Tamil -

  • The word or phrase perceived refers to detected by means of the senses, or detected by instinct or inference rather than by recognized perceptual cues. See ...

  • perceived meaning in Tamil. What is perceived in Tamil? Pronunciation, translation, synonyms, examples, rhymes, definitions of perceived பர்ஸீவ்ட in Tamil

4. perceive - English to Tamil Meaning | Tamil lexicon | Dictionary

  • perceive, மனத்தால் உணர், கூர்ந்து கவனி, உணர், புலனால் உணர், காண். ; apperceive, பொறியுணர்வை உளங்கொண்டு புலனுணர்வாக்கு.

  • perceive translation and definition in Tamil, related phrase, antonyms, synonyms, examples for perceive

5. How to say perceive in Tamil - WordHippo

  • More Tamil words for perceive. காண். Kāṇ make out · தெரிந்துகொள். Terintukoḷ apprehend · மனத்தால் உணர் verb. Maṉattāl uṇar perceive. Find more words!

  • Tamil words for perceive include காண், தெரிந்துகொள் and மனத்தால் உணர். Find more Tamil words at!

6. உணர - English to Tamil Meaning of perceive

  • Meaning and definitions of perceive, translation in Tamil language for perceive with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of perceive in ...

  • English to Tamil Dictionary (Free). You can get meaning of any English word very easily. It has auto-suggestion feature which will save you a lot of time getting any meaning. We have a Chrome Extension and an Android App

7. perceive meaning in Tamil தமிழ் #KHANDBAHALE

  • perceive ⇄ v.i. to grasp or take in something with the senses or mind. ... perceive ⇄ v.t. 1. to be aware of through the senses; see, hear, taste, smell, or ...

  • Download Tamil Dictionary Translation apps for smartphone and computer in English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, English and 22 Indian official languages.

8. Word meaning of Perception in Tamil - Multibhashi

  • Synonyms for Perception ; Synonyms in Tamil. புரிதல், விழிப்புணர்வு ; Synonyms in English, understanding , awareness ...

  • Perception meaning in Tamil, Tamil meaning of Perception, Get the meaning of Perception in Tamil dictionary, With Usage, Synonyms, Pronunciation.

9. Perception meaning and definitions - Dictionary - Tamil Di

  • Tamil Dictionary definitions for Perception. Perception : பார்த்ததும் அறிந்து கொள்ளக் கூடிய ஆற்றல். Perception definition.

  • Definition of Perception by Smart Tamil Dictionary

10. perceive meaning in tamil - KitkatWords

  • perceive Sentences in English · महसूस करना = feel. The patient was perceived to have difficulty in breathing. · अर्थ लगाना = interpret. I perceived his ...

  • PERCEIVE meaning in tamil, PERCEIVE pictures, PERCEIVE pronunciation, PERCEIVE translation,PERCEIVE definition are included in the result of PERCEIVE meaning in tamil at, a free online English tamil Picture dictionary.

11. Perceive meaning and definitions - Dictionary - Tamil Di

  • To obtain knowledge of through the senses; to receive impressions from by means of the bodily organs; to take cognizance of the existence, character, or ...

  • Definition of Perceive by Smart Tamil Dictionary

12. Perceive Meaning in Tamil

  • Perceive – இந்த வார்த்தையின் பொருள் (Meaning), வரையறை (Definition), விளக்கம் (Explanation) மற்றும் வாக்கிய உதாரணங்களை இங்கே படிக்கலாம். Category ...

  • Perceive Meaning in Tamil - Perceive – இந்த வார்த்தையின் பொருள் (Meaning), வரையறை (Definition), விளக்கம் (Explanation) மற்றும் வாக்கிய உதாரணங்களை இங்கே படிக்கலாம்., You can read the meaning, definition, explanation and examples of the word here

13. Tamil meaning of Perceive - English to Tamil Dictionary & Vocabulary

  • Meaning of 'perceive'. காண்; தெரிந்துகொள். Synonyms. see · understand · realize · sense · comprehend · notice · apprehend · feel · discern · observe · grasp ...

  • Meaning of 'perceive' in Tamil - 'English to Tamil' Dictionary with meanings in english for tamil words. Tamil Vocabulary, Transliterations, Meanings in Online Tamil Dictionary

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