4 national parks in Mauritius to experience wildlife in 2023 (2023)

One of the most important assets of any nation is its biodiversity. The flora and fauna of a region are essential to maintain the ecological balance, and their conservation is an important issue that the rapid urbanization of recent years has forced us to face.mauricioThe unique isolated location in the boundless Indian Ocean has led to the spread of several endemic species of plants and animals. The original natives of Mauritius existed in perfect harmony with nature and all species flourished. But after the arrival of foreign explorers and settlers such as the Dutch, French, and British, these endemic species took a huge hit, and their numbers began to decline. The exotic species introduced by the immigrants competed with the autochthonous flora and fauna and in many cases dominated them, causing their extinction. Meanwhile, Mauritius' rapid urbanization and expansion of the tourism industry have further decimated the forests, leading to a decline in green cover.

To address the serious threats posed to the biodiversity of Mauritius, various organizations have taken the initiative to restore Mauritius to its former glorious self. Government organizations such as the Forest Service, National Parks and Conservation Service (NPCS) and NGOs such as Mauritiusanimal lifeFoundation (MWF) and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (DWCT) have dedicated several years to this important cause, practicing captive breeding, habitat restoration and eradication of introduced species.

Three national parks have been proclaimed to preserve the island's endangered animal and plant species. Since the last decades, these parks have acted as incubators for critically endangered species, providing them with a natural breeding ground, protected from human exploitation and invasive species. The population of several species has stabilized and has shown encouraging growth.

A visit to these biodiversity hotspots is a must for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and crowded tourist spots.Walkand exploring wildlife in their natural habitat without cages is a breathtaking experience that every adventure enthusiast should choose. Read on to learn more about the island's three national parks.

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1. Quebradas del Río Negro National Park

The mountainous southwest of Mauritius is home to the stunning Black River Gorges National Park. Proclaimed on June 15, 1994, this national park consists of 67 square kilometers of pristine biodiversity. Whether it's moist montane forest, lowland dry forest, or swampy wasteland, this national park has it all. The maintenance and conservation of this national park is in charge of the National Parks and Conservation Service (NPC).

4 national parks in Mauritius to experience wildlife in 2023 (1)

With over forty miles of trails, this national park is a hiker's delight. Bird watchers can rejoice, too, as some of Mauritius' rarest aerial inhabitants call this park home. The Mauritius kestrel, rosy pigeon, Mauritius parakeet, Mauritius cuckoo shrike, Mauritius fody, Mauritius gray white-eye and Mauritius bulbul are some of the many plant species found in these forests . Almost all of the remaining Mauritian rainforests can be found within the domain of this park and it is home to several endemic animal species such as the Mauritian flying fox, wild boar, monkeys and deer to name a few.

The NPCs and MWF carry out various research and conservation projects at the four field stations established in the park. Ironically, these forests, once the main hunting ground for poachers, are now the natural habitat of 300 flowering plants, nine bird species unique to Mauritius and more than 4,000 giant fruit bats.

4 national parks in Mauritius to experience wildlife in 2023 (2)

A hiking expedition through this national park will provide you with breathtaking views of beautiful gorges, thundering waterfalls, towering mountain ranges, and of course, the aforementioned wildlife. If you want to witness the original, untampered Mauritius, before tourism and urbanization started attacking nature, this is as close as you can get.

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Location:B103 - Plaine Champagne Road, Mauricio
Schedules:Monday to Friday - 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

4 national parks in Mauritius to experience wildlife in 2023 (3)

2. Bras d'Eau National Park

Unlike the tourist-friendly Black River Gorges National Park, this park in north-east Mauritius near Porte Lafayette is more of a quiet and rarely visited wilderness. Of the five square kilometers that make up this park, almost a fifth is occupied by a large body of water called Mare Sarcelle. Mare Sarcelle is home to various native ferns, orchids, mangroves, and a large number of birds. This is the region where the vast majority of hiking and bird watching expeditions take place. Bonus fact: The name Bras d'Eau, literally translated as Arm of Water, is derived from the gracefully meandering body of water that stretches inland from the sea.

Established in 2011, this park is also maintained by NPCs and is popular with seasoned hikers for the peace and quiet it offers. The park also serves as the site of the Mauritius Radio Telescope and ruins of sugar mills and lime kilns dating back more than two centuries.

4 national parks in Mauritius to experience wildlife in 2023 (4)

Exotic tree species such as mahogany, eucalyptus, tecoma, puzzle monkey and araucaria are the highlights of this park and a walk through these forests will allow you to achieve unity with nature. These trees provide habitat for a wide variety of birds including swifts, white-eyed graybirds (Picpic), hawks, woodpeckers, Major Chateau Vert, woodcock, and critically endangered endemic flycatchers. The five ponds scattered throughout the reserve are home to freshwater fish of all shapes and sizes.

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Tourists who visit the park love to walk along the comfortable and well-signposted paths, with indicative arrows and signs that inform about the plant species. The more or less flat road is four kilometers long and has wooden tables along the way for picnics.

Location:Water Arm, Mauricio
Schedules:Every day - 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. Las Isletas National Park

The Islets National Park, the third national park of Mauritius, consists of eight of the 49 small islets that surround Mauritius. Ile D'Ambre is the largest island among them. This island is a popular weekend destination for Mauritian natives and tourists alike. Located in a lagoon on the northeast coast of Mauritius, Ile D'Ambre is spread over 140 hectares of land. The island's coastline is dotted with mangroves and rocks rather than sandy beaches, giving it a unique character among all the Mauritian islands. Tecomas, palm trees and pine trees abound on the islet, with the endemic gray-eyed bird nesting in its branches. Six magnificent species of butterflies are also found on the islet. The flora around the islet forms avenues of shady waters, which are used by tourists for kayaking. A small 2-acre island called Ilot Bernache is also part of Ile D'Ambre and is a popular place to bathe and relax.

4 national parks in Mauritius to experience wildlife in 2023 (6)

Crystal clear lagoon water surrounds this island and countless species of fish and other aquatic creatures swim through these waters.

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On a walking expedition to this islet, you'll find historic ruins dating back to 1750, volcanic craters and freshwater caves, as well as stunning views of the lagoon and island. You would hate yourself for not bringing your camera to this island. The five kilometer trail is short enough that children and inexperienced hikers won't get bored. In fact, the entire islet is small enough that you can get off the beaten path and explore every nook and cranny without running the risk of encountering dangerous wildlife.

Location:Ambre Island, Mauritius. Take a boat on the Grand Gaube
Schedules:Island open to visitors all day.kayacmiWalkTours between 9:00 am and 3:30 pm.

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4. Reserva Natural Grande Montagne

4 national parks in Mauritius to experience wildlife in 2023 (8)

The Grande Montagne Nature Reserve is located near the mighty Grande Montagne Mountains in the east-central part of Rodrigues Island and is famous for preserving the last remnant of Rodrigues' endemic forests. besides it is

25 hectares

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The nature reserve also has an education and research center in the reserves, where remains of extinct species such as the solitaire and the giant tortoise are found. It is home to only other remaining endemic species such as the Rodrigues Fruit Bat, Warbler and Fody and the endemic Rodrigues Aloe plant species.

These national parks are ecologically fragile and extensive restoration efforts are underway to preserve the remaining organisms. During your visit, you are advised to respect the sensitivities of the parks and avoid activities that may disrupt restoration work. Keep parks clean and do not cause problems for native fauna to avoid accidents. This will ensure that your trip is smooth and rewarding!


How many national parks are there in Mauritius? ›

There are 3 national parks in Mauritius.

Where can I see animals in Mauritius? ›

  • Le Morne Brabant. 1,423. Mountains • Nature & Wildlife Areas. ...
  • La Vanille Nature Park. 2,322. Nature & Wildlife Areas • Zoos. ...
  • Chamarel Seven Coloured Earth Geopark. 6,325. ...
  • Black River Gorges National Park. 1,050. ...
  • Ile aux Aigrettes Nature Reserve. 518. ...
  • Bel Ombre Nature Reserve. 674. ...
  • Ebony Forest Reserve. 399. ...
  • Francois Leguat Reserve. 584.

What is the first national park in Mauritius? ›

The Black River Gorges National Park was proclaimed in 1994 under Section 11 of the Wildlife and National Parks Act of 1993 and became the first National Park in Mauritius.

Which side of Mauritius is better? ›

It's often said that 'west is best' and we certainly agree: Mauritius's west coast has unbeatable beaches ranging from the fine white sands of Trou aux Biches in the far north to the isolated Le Morne Peninsula on the south-west tip of the island.

Which part of Mauritius is most beautiful? ›

A jagged mountain like this one on the southwestern tip of Mauritius would probably look a bit ominous elsewhere. But the row of swaying palm trees and the turquoise lagoon make all the difference: Le Morne Brabant is the most picturesque spot on the island.

How many famous national parks are there? ›

Thirty states have national parks, as do the territories of American Samoa and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The state with the most national parks is California with nine, followed by Alaska with eight, Utah with five, and Colorado with four.

What is the largest tropical national park? ›

Chiribiquete National Natural Park (Spanish: Parque Nacional Natural (PNN) Serranía de Chiribiquete) is the largest national park in Colombia and the largest tropical rainforest national park in the world.

Do you need a guide for Black River Gorges? ›

Cascade 500 Pieds

Most people end their hike at the top but if you want to go all the way down, you'll need to hire a guide. For more details on how to get to Cascade 500 Pieds, you can read this guide.

Is Mauritius good for wildlife? ›

The Indian Ocean that surrounds Mauritius is bursting with vibrant marine life, both large and small. Head beneath the surface to explore a whole new world of vivid colours and see some unforgettable sea creatures. Under the water, you'll find hundreds of brightly coloured fish, from clownfish to moray eels.

How much does it cost to walk with lions in Mauritius? ›

The walk with the lions takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour.
Private Walk with Lions.
Visit of the Casela Nature Parks (Entry tickets)27 Euros / Adult
Shared basis Walk with Lions92 Euros / Adult
Exclusive Walk with Lions1090 Euros (Up to 5 Participants)

Can you see sea turtles in Mauritius? ›

Mauritius has a few locations where encounters with sea turtles (both green sea turtles and hawksbill sea turtles) are frequent. The best chances for sea turtles sightings are in Pereybere, but Trou aux Biches and Blue Bay are good locations to try too.

Why is Mukurthi National Park famous? ›

Mukurthi National Park lies at the southwestern end of the Nilgiri Hills, Tamil Nadu. It encompasses an area of 7,846 ha. This IBA was declared as a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1980, and later a National Park in 1990, mainly for the protection of the endangered Nilgiri Tahr Hemitragus hylocrius.

Which park is the world's 1st national park? ›

Thanks to their reports, the United States Congress established Yellowstone National Park just six months after the Hayden Expedition. On March 1, 1872, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the Yellowstone National Park Protection Act into law. The world's first national park was born.

Why is Gros Morne National Park famous? ›

Situated on the west coast of the island of Newfoundland, the park provides a rare example of the process of continental drift, where deep ocean crust and the rocks of the earth's mantle lie exposed.

How many days is enough for Mauritius? ›

How many days do you need in Mauritius? About 7 to 10 days would be perfect for a trip to Mauritius. A trip of any shorter duration would not allow you to enjoy all the major attractions and activities in Mauritius in a hassle-free and leisurely manner.

Which is nicer Maldives or Mauritius? ›

When it comes to sightseeing options, Mauritius is a treasure trove. Even though it is an island, there are a plethora of beaches, national parks, hiking trails, waterfalls, and rich wildlife. The Maldives will offer you a relaxing trip with laid-back vibes while Mauritius will have a more intricate experience.

What are the best and worst months to visit Mauritius? ›

The very best time to visit is between October and December when its usually quite hot with low rainfall. The hottest month of the year is March with an average daily maximum of 27 C and an average low of 21 C. The coolest month of the year is July with an average daily maximum of 22 C and an average low of 17 C.

Is Bali or Mauritius more beautiful? ›

Bali has more cultural and heritage attractions places to visit than Mauritius. How many days will it take to see the major tourist attraction places in Bali and Mauritius? You need a weeklong holiday in Bali to see all the major tourist attractions.

Which season is best for Mauritius? ›

May to December: The month of May marks the beginning of winter in Mauritius. These months are considered as the best time to visit Mauritius as the weather is mild and pleasant. During winters the maximum temperature on the island is 24 degrees Celsius and the minimum temperature drops down to 18 degrees Celsius.

Is Mauritius better than Thailand? ›

I have been to both (and am returning to Mu this week) - would DEFINITELY rate Mauritius above Thailand for honeyoon -no contest, even though Thailand does have some excellent beach resorts too. Go east if you want seclusion or go north west if you want nightlife and company.

Which national park should I visit first? ›

Yellowstone National Park: As the world's first national park, officially established in 1872, this is an obvious choice. I also included it because I have never been to any of the three states the park touches (Idaho, Montana and Wyoming). Acadia National Park: A few friends recommended Acadia.

What is the #1 rated national park? ›

Great Smoky Mountains remains America's most visited national park by a long shot. Nearly 13 million people visited the park straddling North Carolina and Tennessee last year, according to newly released National Park Service numbers.

What are the 5 mighty national parks? ›

Utah is home to 5 of the best national parks—Arches, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion—collectively known as the Mighty Five. Established between 1919 and 1971, these parks are famous for their spectacular red-rock formations, desert solitude, and more than 1,000 miles of hiking & trekking trails.

What is the hottest national park? ›

The hottest air temperature ever recorded in Death Valley (Furnace Creek) was 134°F (57°C) on July 10, 1913. During the heat wave that peaked with that record, five consecutive days reached 129° F (54°C) or above. Death Valley holds the record for the hottest place on earth.

What is the largest wildlife park? ›

1. Northeast Greenland National Park. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the largest national park is Northeast Greenland National Park, which is an impressive 972,000 km, or 375,000 square miles, making it 77 times bigger than Yellowstone.

What is the biggest underwater national park? ›

The largest marine sanctuary is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument— larger than all of America's national parks combined!

Is there entry fee for Black River Gorges National Park? ›

As already mentioned there is no entrance fee, you can drive freely to parking lot at the end of the road and start your hike.

Is there rainforest in Mauritius? ›

This beautiful National Park is home to most of Mauritius' rainforest, a number of wild animal species and all of the island's endemic birds.

What animals are in the Black River Gorges? ›

Some endangered bird species include the Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet, the pink pigeon, Mauritian flying fox, Mauritius bulbul, and Mauritius olive white-eye. You might also find the introduced wild boar, macaque monkeys, and deer wandering in the wild nature.

Do you need vaccinations for Mauritius? ›

Courses or boosters usually advised: Tetanus. Other vaccines to consider: Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B; Typhoid. Selectively advised vaccines - only for those individuals at highest risk: none. No yellow fever vaccination certificate required for this country.

Can you see whales in Mauritius? ›

Whales are most active in Mauritius between July and November but can be seen during all months of the year. Whale watching in Mauritius is done outside of the lagoon, in the open seas. We also offer the option to combine your Mauritius Whale Watching Excursion with a Wild Dolphin Swim for a truly amazing day.

What is the rare animal in Mauritius? ›

The pink pigeon (Nesoenas mayeri ) is a species of pigeon in the family Columbidae endemic to Mauritius. The pink pigeon nearly became extinct in the 1970s and the 1990s and is still very rare. It is the only Mascarene pigeon that has not gone extinct.

Are there big cats in Mauritius? ›

At the Predator Kingdom, Safari adventures brings you the best of the Big Cats experiences in Mauritius. This is a unique opportunity for visitors to have once in a lifetime experience.

How expensive is Mauritius for tourists? ›

Mid-range hotel prices start at $53. To obtain a double room on Airbnb, vacationers spend $52.2 per night, which can increase during the peak tourism season. Luxury travelers can stay in one of the most expensive hotels in Mauritius. The average cost of accommodation in Mauritius is $183.

How much is a pack of lions? ›

A pride is a group of lions ranging in size from four to 37, but the average is 15. Most of the members of the group are females, all of whom are related to one another. In this sense, a pride of lions is a family. There tend to be far fewer males, usually one to four.

Where is the best place to stay in Mauritius? ›

Best Places to Stay in Mauritius: At a Glance
Best Places to Stay in Mauritius – Top PicksHotel
Best Overall HotelOutrigger Mauritius Beach Resort
Best Hotel for Beach LoversWestin Turtle Bay Resort
Best Hotel for Unique ExperiencesAnantara Iko Mauritius Resort
Best Hotel for Sunset LoversSugar Beach Mauritius
Jan 2, 2023

Do you get sea snakes in Mauritius? ›

There are lots of eels in Mauritius . What you saw was a yellow-bellied seasnake (Pelamis platurus). These guys are common in the waters around Mauritius. they are highly venomous, but harmless if you do leave them alone.

Where can I see giant tortoises in Mauritius? ›

The Giant Tortoises Park which is situated in the southern part of Rodrigues Island is a 20 hectare nature reserve where you will enjoy a unique experience of discovering more than 110,000 endemic and native plants as well as the giant tortoises.

What is the entry fee for Mukurthi peak? ›

However, you can go there on all other days. Mukurthi National Park entry fee is ₹15 for adults and ₹10 for children between the age of 5 and 12 years. For children studying in government schools though, the charge is ₹2. Entry is free for all children below five years.

What animals are in the Mukurthi National Park? ›

There are also leopard, bonnet macaque, sambar deer, barking deer, mouse deer, otter, jungle cat, small Indian civet, wild dog, jackal, black-naped hare, shrew, Malabar spiny dormouse and soft-furred rat.

How do I get permission to visit Silent Valley? ›

Permission is required from the Kerala Forest Department. For a short one day trip (usually taken by tourists), permission can be obtained on the spot at the Forest Department office at Mukkali. This trip includes a short trek of about 2-3 km to the hanging bridge at the Kunti River.

What is the smallest national park in the world? ›

With that, Moyenne Island National Park, the world's smallest national park, was born. It can be easy to imagine Grimshaw as an eccentric figure.

Which is the old oldest national park? ›

In 1872, Yellowstone National Park was established as the United States' first national park, being also the world's first national park.

What is the smallest national park? ›

What is the largest national park site? Smallest?
  • Largest: Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve, AK, at 13.2 million acres.
  • Smallest: Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial, PA, at 0.02 acres.

Are there grizzly bears in Gros Morne National Park? ›

We only have black bears. You do not see them very often and if you do, ii is usually their backsides as they are running away as they seem more afraid of us than we of them. If you are hiking in the park, it is always prudent to check in with the Parks visitor center.

What does Gros Morne mean in English? ›

Its French meaning is “large mountain standing alone,” or more literally “great sombre.” Gros Morne is a member of the Long Range Mountains, an outlying range of the Appalachian Mountains, stretching the length of the island's west coast.

Can you swim at Gros Morne? ›

DESCRIPTION OF SWIMS. Open to adults and children. (Children under 6 must be accompanied in the water by an adult.) Open to adults 16 years and over.

Which national park is worth visiting? ›

These are the most visited National Parks in the United States, sorted by popularity.
1Great Smoky Mountains National Park12 M
2Grand Canyon National Park6.2 M
3Rocky Mountain National Park4.6 M
4Zion National Park4.4 M
16 more rows
Jan 31, 2023

What is the most beautiful road in Mauritius? ›

During your stay in Mauritus, plan a day-out to discover the island by car. Set between the whimsical sea and the endemic forest of the South, the Macondé Route at Baie du Cap has been listed among the 10 most beautiful roads in the world by Le Petit Futé.

How many days do you need in Gros Morne? ›

To do Gros Morne justice, plan on spending at least 3 days here. (A week would not be too much if you're a serious hiker.) The dramatic terrain throughout the park is on a scale big enough to be appreciated even if you never even get out of your car.

What is the best time of year to hike Gros Morne? ›

Fall is the best time for this epic hike as you are able to see all of Gros Morne from the top; the rolling hills falling into the dark blue sea, dusted with autumn colours. The barren valley below contrasted against the deep fall blue sky and lush white clouds.

Why is Garamba National Park important? ›

Garamba National Park

It is one of Africa's oldest national parks, designated in 1938, and in 1980 was declared a World Heritage Site. But this critically important landscape has had a tragic past and is often referred to as ground zero in the elephant poaching wars in Africa.

What are the animals found in Mukurthi National Park? ›

There are also leopard, bonnet macaque, sambar deer, barking deer, mouse deer, otter, jungle cat, small Indian civet, wild dog, jackal, black-naped hare, shrew, Malabar spiny dormouse and soft-furred rat.

What is the least visited national park? ›

Gates of the Arctic National Park has been among the least-visited national parks in the U.S. for years, and it's easy to understand why: It's hard to get to. There are no roads or trails across its 8.4 million acres. It's not designed for novice travelers to explore on their own.

What is considered the most beautiful national park? ›

Hence the reason Yosemite is often considered the most beautiful national park in America. Best things to do in Yosemite National Park: Hike Bridalveil Falls.

What is the most expensive national park? ›

Save even more by visiting the most-expensive parks:

Glacier National Park, Montana. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, California.

What is the most touristy part of Mauritius? ›

Grand Bay. The all-happening touristy hub, with bustling night-life, and amazing coastal beach, Grand Bay, will leave you with surprises! This touristy village is found in the northern part of the island, approximately some 73 km distance from the airport.

What is the most visited island in Mauritius? ›

Rodrigues Island

One of the best islands to visit in Mauritius, Rodrigues has beautiful sandy beaches and a total accessible coastline of 80 km. The Francois Leguat nature reserve here is home to over 3,000 giant tortoises.

Why is Mauritius so famous? ›

Mauritius is mostly appreciated by tourists for its natural environment and man-made attractions, the multi-ethnic and cultural diversity of the population, the tropical climate, beaches and water sports.


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